Right of Reply – The Chief Justice Responds to our Questions

We asked three questions and the Chief Justice Willy Mutunga responded; We appreciate him and his team, including Kwamchetsi Makokha – Here the response;


” The official residence was sold sometime back and we therefore have no official residence for the CJ, and yes i can confirm the current Tenancy  is administered by the wife of Medical Services Minister Anyang Nyong’o and i can assure you its purely rental…”

Separately….. kkibet.wordpress.com has established that Cabinet resolved to construct a house for the Speaker and the Chief Justice, alongside that of the Vice President.

2. Divorce Case

” No intentions to interfere with case, the matter as you know came up during the JSC and PSC sittings, it started a few years back and evidence has been recieved. there will be no interference, the Judge may be ruling  by end of this month..”

3. Closed door meeting

The PM asked for the meeting because at the time we had the launch for the Judicial Framework review, he was out of the country. The Judiciary needs alot of support. We actually negotiated sensitive issues touching on Forodha House and Milimani Law courts. We need to either move The Court of appeal or some divisions so as to create space. Though the meeting was closed to the press, what I can assure you is that there were 8 people in the room with the CJ and the PM including Paul Mwangi and Duncan Otieno.

On the issue of elections we discussed Parliamentary support on issue of police and DPP funding as crucial bodies to the expected trials expected in court. we insisted “Elections are so important, to be left to a person”

http://www.kkibet.wordpress.com once again appreciates the quick and timely response and the many hints at bigger stories within the Judiciary, which we will pick up


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