“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein

Dear Kenyans, every 5 years we politicians come to you for your mandate to lead this country in orders to improve the living standards of a majority of Kenyans. Every 5 years politicians talk about eliminating tribalism, corruption and impunity, water for all, affordable unga, health services for all, education, housing and transport services, access to jobs, access to affordable credit, name it… The above services are the basic minimum any credible government should GUARANTEE its citizens who elect it, but every 5 years Kenyans end up heart broken.

Every 5 years some politicians come to you with goodies; 50/-, 100/-, 200/- and 500/- or 1,000/- if you’re a friend or a relative – so that you can give them your vote. Every Kenyan knows ‘HAKUNA CHA BURE ULIMWENGUNI’, even the Holy Books say so. What then is it that these politicians buy from you? Is your vote worth 5 years of bad leadership that does not improve your life in any way? Ushawahi fanya hio hesabu? I’ll tell you what the politicians buy from you…they buy your silence, they buy your complicity, they buy your labor so that you can work and pay taxes which they’ll loot together with their families and friends then come around to bribe you with 5 years later. We all know the scandals; Goldenberg, Anglo Leasing, Computer Errors, FPE funds, Triton, Maize, KKV, NHIF, more development money returned unspent to the Treasury by ministries while some IDPs are still in camps, the list is endless! We pay for these scandals through unaffordable unga, sugar, rent, fuel and bus fare. Why do we, my dear Kenyans, keep making the same mistake every 5 years and expecting different results?


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